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Project setup

To illustrate the logic behinde the Clean process we will be walking through an example, here is the content browser:


We will consider the following:

  • MyLevel is marked as a Core Asset.
  • MyLevel references MyBlueprint which references MyMaterial.
  • NotMyBlueprint references NotMyMaterial.
  • UnusedMaterial has no references.

Reference Viewer explanations:



Project state


Since only MyLevel is marked as Core Asset it’s the only one showing up in the Core Assets List. MyBlueprint and MyMaterial are depedencies of MyLevel, therefore will be consired used.

In the Unused Assets list we can find NotMyBlueprint, NotMyMaterial and UnusedMaterial. Even if NotMyMaterial is referenced by NotMyBlueprint, both will get deleted, because they are not Core Assets/referenced by a Core Asset.

Report Result

As expected in the Cleanup Report we get all the assets listed as unused in the dashboard.


Delete Result

After initiating the deletion of the unused assets, we get a warning about assets still beeing referenced.

This normal and can have various reasons. The most common is the blueprint is currently open or was recently edited.

The assets can be safely deleted with no errors during the process.